Language Arts Expecations

Language Arts: 


Reading: Each night you will be required to read 30 minutes from a book, magazine, newspaper, internet website, etc of your choosing. You must have an adult sign off saying that you have read for the required duration. Remember that to follow the 100 Book Challenge motto every 15 minutes is equal to 1 step on your sheet. 


Writing: You will be keeping a weekly journal at home that you will be required to bring in at the end of the trimester. This journal is yours to do with what you would like. You may draw pictures, write poems, short stories, letters, lists about your day, etc. I will be doing periodic check-ins to make sure that you are keeping up to date on your journal. This is not going to be shared with anyone other than myself so please do not feel anxious about another student reading/seeing your work. 


Word Study: You are required to keep a vocabulary journal of all your word study words. Each week you will be given a new set of words in which you will sort, define, write sentences, and collaborate to create new words using the pattern focused on for the week. Your vocabulary journal should have a brief definition in your own words to help you use it in your daily writing.